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Are you prepared? – With your own Home Store you will be.

“Survive anything” is not just about preparing for the end of the world. There are real disasters that are more likely to happen than a comet crashing into the earth. We at Prepper Up believe “survive anything” means having a snake bite kit if you go out for a day hike, having a first-aid kit if you go fishing and even having 3 months of food storage incase you lose your job. Loss of income is the greatest threat to you and your family. Everyone knows that you can’t feed a family of 4 and pay the bills on an unemployment check.

If you have the means right now, you should consider a Home Store system from ThriveLife.

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Our Shop – Open everyday 9am to 6pm. ( map )

While we do carry a large section of gear, there might be a few things you need that we don’t have. We are more than happy to find and order anything you want. Just tell us what you are looking for.